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Juliet & Ben Fans

Juliet and Ben fans
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For fans of Juliet Burke & Benjamin Linus of LOST


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General Community Rules & Info

1. This is a community for people who like the television series LOST and like the characters of Ben Linus (portrayed by Michael Emerson) and Juliet Burke (portrayed by Elizabeth Mitchell). Members are not required to be "shippers" of them as a romantic pairing. You might like them as friends, enemies, or whatever you see their relationship as.

If you only like Ben and/or Juliet but not both of them, you might prefer one of the the communities dedicated to them separately.

2. No "bashing" or "hating" on the LOST characters and actors.

3. All content not appropriate for minors must be labeled as such via the Livejournal content label. See the Livejournal FAQ >>HERE<< to learn how and what this means. Please follow the guidelines about marking content with the labels "adult concepts" and "explict adult" if you think that your entry will require such labels. This is an all ages community and not an "adult" specific one so this is important.

4. Please respect Elizabeth Mitchell and Michael Emerson by not posting personal life rumors, gossip or paparazzi type stuff.

Rules for Images & Graphics

1. Please no posting of paparazzi photos of Mitchell, Emerson or any of the LOST cast members. All other photos such as "red carpet" or event photos are OK.

2. Fan art (icons, wallpapers, etc) may be posted only if it follows the following rules.

If posting graphics (such as icons) at least one must have an image of Juliet/Elizabeth Mitctell or at least one must have an image of Ben/Michael Emerson. Other characters are OK as well, but if there are no graphics of Ben or Juliet in your post then they don't fit the community's subject.

For all inclusive Lost icons there are plenty of fun communities around - losticons for example.

3. All graphics must be rated under either PG-13 (or TV PG-14 the same rating as the show LOST has when it airs in the USA on ABC) or they must be behind a cut with a warning label if the content is not appropriate for minors.

In the case of language on graphics, please put a warning before the cut or in the cut itself. If an icon has the "F" word on it for example, please say so outside of the cut.

Rules for Fan Fiction

The only fan fiction allowed is fiction that involves both Ben and Juliet. If your fiction does not involve both characters or one of the characters is not in your fic (i.e a story about Juliet/Kate or Ben/Tom) it is better to post it at another community. It is not necessary that your fan fic is about Ben/Juliet as a romantic pairing or as couple - but both characters must be mentioned in the story.

A few rules from ficinabottle also apply here (rules for fan fic are copied in part from that community).

1. You may only post Lost fan-fiction, relevant crossovers or AUs, or links to stories hosted elsewhere.

2. You MUST use lj-cuts for the body of your story. Also, if your header/author's notes become so long (over 150 words) that they starts to resemble a ficlet, please be courteous and cut some of that as well.

3. Include a header with at least a title, a rating, pairing(s) [if any], and appropriate warnings.

4. If the story contains adult content you must mark it as such using the Livejournal content option. Read the LJ FAQ to learn how & what this means. >>How Can I Mark Content Inappropriate for Minors?<<</lj>



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